Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

As law abiding human beings, we should all be sensitive to the needs of other human beings. With that in mind, as Muslims, we should also be sensitive to the needs of other Muslims, no matter the strength of their beliefs and show compassionate to other Muslim brothers and sisters

We, at “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach”, are dedicated to providing a high quality and reliable service for all our members and we want every user to get the very best experience from their “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” membership.

As Muslims, we should all be sensitive to the circumstances of other Muslims and show empathy to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Therefore, we would be grateful if you would acquaint yourself with the “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” Code of Conduct below. These simple, yet important, matters of etiquette will ensure a truly halal experience for yourself and for other members. In Shaa Allah.


Always Be polite

Politeness makes our dealings with others so much more rewarding (for them and for us) and leads to better communication all round. Being pleasant and respectful in your communications will also help to create a good first impression with the “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” members that you contact and increase your chances of finding your ideal life partner.


Respect the feelings of other members

Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. When you are in contact with another member, please be aware that you are unlikely to agree on everything. Everyone has his or her own opinions. Please respect these. They too will respect yours.


Be honest

Trust and honesty are integral to all relationships. Be honest in your communications with others. If you are asked a question that you do not feel comfortable answering, then say so. It is up to you to decide what information you want to reveal about yourself. You are in complete control.


Be Patient

Not everyone may be free or available online or able to respond to your messages quickly or be able to answer your calls on a timely basis. We all lead hectic or busy lives and so we must be patient and know that our message or call will be replied to once the person we are trying to reach is free to do so.


Don’t be judgmental

Just because someone may not pray or may follow a slightly different version of Islam, don’t judge them or criticise them for this. It may be a case of them being misinformed or they may be on a journey of discovery and are only halfway there. No one is perfect. So avoid judging by the cover. Instead look deeper into them and maybe they have a loving and beautiful heart and all they need is a supporting spouse to help them over that last hurdle.


Reply to all messages

Even if you are not interested in the person in the profile shared, say so to the person who has sent you the message. This member of the team has taken the time to contact you and it is courteous to make the effort to reply. Who knows, he or she in the profile may turn out to be more suited to you than their profile suggests! Reply with a nice polite response.


Do not use language that is offensive or disrespectful

“The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” aims to provide a safe, secure and respectful environment for all members. Any member who receives an offensive or disrespectful message from another member may report it, in confidence, to the “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” team. If you are tempted to use offensive or disrespectful language in your communications, please be aware that you are unlikely to benefit from your “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” membership by doing so.


Do not hold or express extremist views or make threats of violence to anyone


As Muslims, we are forbidden to have extreme views. The religion of Islam is meant to be moderate. A good balance. You should never share or make any extremist views, if you have strong opinions about something you feel strongly about, then keep this to yourself. This is not the place or forum to share those ideas. You should never make any threats of violence or to harass anyone. No matter who they may be, stay calm and be polite and if you have any issues, then report them to us for our immediate attention.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to report to us any member who is not conducting himself/herself in a decent and halal manner. You may do this in complete confidence. Our aim is to offer the best possible service to our members but we do need our members’ help and support to do so. By highlighting such people, we are able to address the matter immediately without it getting out of hand. So please, do offer to help us to make “The Muslim Matrimonial Coach” a wonderful, safe and successful experience for all Muslims.